Winter Olympics22


The Legendary Annurin, Halloween special
26.02.2022 | 1 chapter

Ethorenn and Neväida have both entered the fairy faire caves of nightmare to show how brave they both are. But thins don't turn out as they expected. it's not called "caves of nightmare" for any re...

Not Everyone's Hungry
01.03.2022 | 1 chapter

The world's resources are rapidly running out, posing a threat to human food supplies. Food scarcity has wreaked havoc on humanity, causing many people to suffer and die from hunger. Akihiro, a stu...

Forbidden Game: In My World
03.03.2022 | 9 chapters

This is how legend is born. It's nothing more than creating beautiful lies; falling into the bottom-pitched black, while unreaching dreams eternally. Everything is a curse in itself, even unescapab...

Dangerous Romance
03.03.2022 | 14 chapters

Mist go is exhausted in her life and she is sick of being under so her friend suggested getting a man who will give her power little did she know the man that she will seduce has underground busine...

03.03.2022 | 1 chapter

A mother's love is unconditional and eternal. A lifelong bond that unites two bodies and souls from the instant the child is born. A mother and child form an attachment that affects the way they re...

Again & Again
06.03.2022 | 1 chapter

Jonathan's last moment before his Memory Fades Away.

19.03.2022 | 34 chapters

Join Flik on his adventure to search for the Crystal Maiden and embark on a journey to seek the crystals to stop the new Dark Lord.

Waiting Under the Stars
19.03.2022 | 1 chapter

Nessa has secret feelings for Adrian. As the years passed by, slowly they drifted apart. But her love for him remains. Will she keep waiting under the stars for Adrian? Or will she let him go? This...

That Beautiful Melody
19.03.2022 | 5 chapters

Petals of cherry blossoms touch the skies. The music hums in the light breeze of spring. In every heartbeat, unfolds a story of love. Who’ll win Tomoyo’s heart? Story by: Valerie Art by: Jacky (Van...

Within Your Grasp
19.03.2022 | 2 chapters

After a drunken stupor, naive Kiichi finds himself next to a stranger in bed for the first time! Thinking he would never see the stranger again... he was sorely mistaken when he finds out the stran...

HYBRID: The Death Star
20.03.2022 | 1 chapter

A alien creature arrived on earth and create a havoc, how earth will stop the Rampage of starfish like creatures

Anima: The Natural Order
23.03.2022 | 3 chapters

Animism, the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinctive spiritual essence, has been around for thousands of years. For thousands of years, people who could see, perceive, ...

27.03.2022 | 1 chapter

Timespheres are 5 mystical orbs which awaken one's own dormant aura energy. Once an individual comes in contact with a Timesphere their life is forever change, for better or worst. Following the ...

Miracle Teardrops
30.03.2022 | 1 chapter

Alexa is a girl with a rare illness. After being given two flowers that bloomed from a mysterious boy's tears, she begins to find some hope. Is this the work of miracle teardrops? (This is a manga...

No Strings
30.03.2022 | 9 chapters

When Sophia Black shows up late for work, her life gets turned upside down as she discovers her boss has been murdered. With a killer on the loose and her own demons to battle, she finds two men tr...

A Glimpse Of Crimes
02.04.2022 | 2 chapters

The story focuses on two sisters Melissa and Alice Crimson who have a gift of seeing and witnessing crimes in an instant. Will they face this kind of job? Will they sacrifice everything they've got...

02.04.2022 | 4 chapters

when a person died, their soul will be transported to afterlife, but in order to avoid the threat of Devourer (evil spirit who devour soul) a soul must be accompanied by the Guardian (Grim Reaper) ...

Searching To Be With You
03.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Ian sees a beautiful woman on the train when he’s going to work. Capturing his heart, he searches for her to see her again. But sometimes searching to be with someone isn’t an assurance that desti...

Across The Border
03.04.2022 | 3 chapters

Wanting to go home, a little kid asked for Theressa’s help. As the two went on a journey, Theressa found herself haunted by her past.

RabFox Tale
11.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Some rabbits have gone missing, will Rui, the last hare among the rabbits, be able to save them from the foxes and protect your village?

Tree of Life x
11.04.2022 | 3 chapters

In the distant future, where humanity has conquered the stars and colonized space, a young office lady is trapped in the endless monotony of daily life. But that all changes after she’s randomly se...

Comic Chic
12.04.2022 | 2 chapters

Follow chic daily life.

Can't Say Can't
12.04.2022 | 1 chapter

You get a wish, but you have to play and win a deadly game against someone else trying to obtain it. All you have to do is avoid saying 'can't'. The loser dies.

2nd Side
13.04.2022 | 3 chapters

2 lifeforms with consciousness, we call them human and Enkah's, coexist because of the divine Diety, but this balance will be broken soon by an unknown calamity, according to the divine Diety's gre...

13.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Medon, a teenage boy who always wonder why their community is surrounded by a thick and tall citadel. In his journey towards the answer, he will also discover his power-Hemokinesis, the ability to ...

13.04.2022 | 10 chapters

The young min mint, a second-year college student, is far from having a quiet life. Between the girls who run after him and the men who are jealous of him. While he thought it couldn't be worse,...

16.04.2022 | 34 chapters

Tamashi is lost and alone in the mysterious Ancient Land. Attempting to get home, she faces many trials, and defeats many foes. Through her adventures she encounters people with abnormal skills ...

17.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Metro has been trapped in her mind for two hundred years and is now exploring the new world with her companion, Virus, as they befriend a small army of other robots. Metro explores themes of faith,...

Fool's trap
18.04.2022 | 1 chapter

One shot story about two idiotic college friends exploring the thin line between friends and lovers.

Legacy Of The Sky
18.04.2022 | 14 chapters

What appears to be a simple quest, that two mercenaries have taken on, leads to a chain reaction of world-changing events in a time where strength is demonstrated to show power. Human evolution and...

I will cosplay your favorite character .
19.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Yuki's first attempt seducing the hottest guy in the school.

A Gloomy Circumstance
20.04.2022 | 1 chapter

She's pretty gloomy, isn't she? What kind of encounter would he have if he approached her, I wonder? No matter the outcome, I'm sure neither of them will regret it.

20.04.2022 | 1 chapter

"0ccult;Pretend" is a manga set in a fictional city where humans and the supernatural co-exist so casually. Follow Yume, the protagonist as she discovers these supernatural experiences with The Occ...

20.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Ex-gang member Kidd suddenly got transported to another realm as he was in a brink of death! How can he go back to his world? Will he go back? Where exactly is he? Follow the journey of Kidd as he ...

20.04.2022 | 2 chapters

The world has changed. A set of twin moons hang in the night sky. A sinister tower looms over the city. And a cruel organization tasked with taking care of monsters known as the Omen atop it all. B...

A Flower's Day
21.04.2022 | 1 chapter

In a place where humanity has returned to a simpler life coexisting with nature, everyone has discarded their electronic devices. But since these don’t degrade naturally, a last kind of machine was...

Ancient Hybrid
26.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Ayane Dreamed about a unknown Boy Whos Keeps Bugging Her and have No idea about it

Demon's Eye
26.04.2022 | 9 chapters

A boy from a mighty,strong and well known clan, doesn't want to continue his ancestors hard work. But met a friend who made him stronger and can protect him from rough people. But, can he really ma...

From: Secret Admirer??
27.04.2022 | 1 chapter

a boy with conflict feelings and assume things, and what could go wrong?

My Mother's Lullaby
28.04.2022 | 1 chapter

A son who regretted one of his decisions

The Wonders Around Him
04.05.2022 | 1 chapter

"The Wonders Around Him" is a comic series about a kid in an intergalactic, societal distant future is wandering around the universe on a mission to find his brother. With the help of his mysteriou...

Cruel's Throne
09.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Mysterious kingdom by kingdom faces their own problems

The Heart of Touqar - THT - English version
11.05.2022 | 5 chapters

In a faraway land of scorching, hot, arid desert called "Al Qayiza" -The Sweltering Land, the Bani al-Badr tribe gain their prosperity and livelihood by trading their intricately designed dagger sh...

Everyone likes senpai
12.05.2022 | 3 chapters

Kazutaka Miro was just an ordinary guy until he became a senior. Everyone started to like him, LIKE EVERYONE! Girls, guys, enbies suddenly fallen for him. Is this another senpai loving theme story?...

Keith and Jeremy's Mystical Mysteries : Scout
12.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Something weird is going on in Jeremy's scout troop. Can the boys figure out the mystery in time, or will Keith cause armageddon out of sheer pigheadedness.

Butterfly Effect
14.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A painter and his choice.

I'm Nobody
16.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Sam, A high School student who is blessed with supernatural powers, Leads an emotionally disturbed life when he realizes the dangers of his powers, And now his seeking for peace.....

Let's Get Abducted!
16.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Getting abducted by aliens? Sounds like a dream to eleven year old Luise! She is fascinated by researching U.F.O.s and extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, one night the aliens chose to take her ...

Knock on the Wood
17.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Dont think or say anything about bad scenarios...

Any Better Than This
18.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A story about love based on the song "Any Better Than This" by the LightHouse

Hiatus Feelings
18.05.2022 | 1 chapter

It's a story about 5 non-related siblings.

Dearest Calamity
19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

25yo Marcheline transmigrates into a brutal world, into the body of a child. This forced her to suffer years of anguish until she evacuates into Capital. With the opportunity to enroll into the Mag...

What needs humor?
19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Rex is the main character.. I guess so? Probably?

19.05.2022 | 3 chapters

When a free-spirited surfer boy of Siargao named Regan Oriel gets transported to the aquatic domain of Sitnalta and learns that he is both a kataw and a human, he sets on an epic journey in finding...

19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Anna-Mei Sho is a Background Character in this series、when all of a sudden she gains the status title as Main Character when she tries to save the Manga's original protagonist、Manuel Gakoganji、in t...

I'm a Japanese But I died and Got Reincarnated as a Filipino!
19.05.2022 | 9 chapters

I'm a Japanese But I died and Got Reincarnated as a Filipino!

19.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Megumi is a timid girl who admires idols. She's always wanted to become one but her insecurities hold her back.

20.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Giros is a cursed town and every year a mysterious letter falls from the sky bearing the name of the new sacrifice to the monsters called Bowies. Two orphan children, Leone and Theo are best of fri...

20.05.2022 | 1 chapter

(Please read this from right to left!) This 12 page 1 chapter manga was something I created specifically for this contest in under a month. I unfortunately saw the opportunity to join this contest...

Magic and Brew
20.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A coffee shop, that not only sells coffee but also magic items for any kind of problem you have!

21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

This is the story of how grandpa Stephen and grandma Sophia met for the first time during their teenage years. What could have happened next?

21.05.2022 | 55 chapters

"Have you ever wished to meet a fictional character in real life?" After a life-changing incident, Charlie Trace, a best-selling manga artist, lost the ability to draw characters. That is, except f...

One Day
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Life can be a little interesting when you're married to a vampire. 'A beautiful family,' is what their main head, Tom would say. But not everything is as easy to accept, when you're the only human ...

Bonds of Lifetime
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

This is the story of two people who strongly believe in their inseparable bonds

the Fiend's Doll
21.05.2022 | 2 chapters

Damian is an orphan who has been abused by the priest who took him in. Out of desperation to get his revenge, he seeks help from a fiend who grants wishes in exchange for something. Little did he k...

Brave Stroke
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Within the Summer Painting Competition in the Philippines, an aspiring realism artist, Michael Santos, wants to use his art style to prove that he can enter nationals even though realism is not typ...

21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

The story is set from Creation and Destruction. Genesis the creator has been challenge by Revealation to survive the Punishment of creation which is the 9 Headed Beast. The story is divided into 7 ...

Turbulent Drive
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

This is about an amnesiac man who became a Chevalier. After Grandmaster told him about the history of Hexes, he will find himself curious and somehow familiar at the events. He and his group will p...

The Witch and the Knight
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

One sunny morning when our lovely forrest witch was out on a walk, she stumbled upon what seems to be a fainted knight. Since then, he never stops coming back. (note : you may notice the incons...

Winter Drive
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A story of a queer couple driving back to their home after a long night, then questions arise during their drive.

Knightly venture
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A knight's venture to his ultimate romance

In Love With an Assassin
21.05.2022 | 2 chapters

A boy named Luis was said to have killed his parents when he was five. He didn't even know what he did. Everyone suddenly hated him. He was always alone and got bullied often, but then a really ...

Confusing Feelings
21.05.2022 | 3 chapters

Remi finding herself struggling with her feelings over her long time crush Kai. Afraid of being rejected she shifts her attention to her new crush Eros but does this move make her forget all those ...

Word Count
21.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Inui Lestrade desires a peaceful world to live in, but the thing that hinders him to achieve his goal is that he has the "curse" he is "tainted". To achieve his dreams, he has to join an organizati...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Astrid is a agent since she was 8. She gets used what spy means to be. But with one mission, her mind will change.

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Scaelum, an empire ruled by a lineage bestowed with The Gift of Immortality became a target to the "Spirit Conqueror" Apolaki who contracted a rare illness that slowly decomposes one's body. The ne...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Missing children and mothers became rampant nationwide within six years and the one behind it is a demon who wanted to rank higher in the demonic hierarchy. Now, what will happen if Jona and Sheena...

Hello 1999!
22.05.2022 | 2 chapters

Dylan Rockwell is an astrophysicist, who created the first time ever Time Machine, but only works once back and once to the future. He, going back to the year 1999, has myriad reasons why, one is ...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Asterio Faustino and Ruri Wertheimberg both are connected to an accident that happen to their families in the past. Both of them dealt with it in different ways, Asterio living life full of mental...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

The story unfolds with a young man who loves fantasy.

Angel X Demon
22.05.2022 | 2 chapters

An angel child that found a book made in Japan got attached to the culture of Japan. She wants to go there once she grows up. When she was old enough, she tries to convince her parents to let her l...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Shiro and Murasaki had just entered highschool, Shiro who had a past with bullies clubs didn't want to join one this time, Murasaki challenged Shiro to a fight which he lost to and had to find a ro...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Rio, like any teenager, has secrets that are very important to his well-being. One of them is his affiliation with darkness...

22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Erika is a writer at an not-so-renowned publishing corporation for 5 years now. Working here and basically her existence according to herself is just making no sense at all. While everyone around h...

God Complex
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A tale about a journey through life from the beginning, depicting the destructive nature of humans and Gods alike.

To Our Star
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A OneShot Manga Story of Jasper and Hannah's Journey looking for a New Star.

Akayuki: To Your Harmony
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Heart Beating On You
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A young artist named Jill Fourthon was yet to be reunited with his childhood friend, Nathalia Icington. Despite knowing he has Arrhythmia and doesn't have enough time, he wished to be able to confe...

Love Rush
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

The Love Story of Anna Clington

Love story definitely not romance :^)
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Stories? It's start from us but from what can we have it, of course let's go around

My weird owner (Oneshot)
22.05.2022 | 1 chapter

Wanting to rest in peace, former deceased model Aristia's soul get trappped in a doll by the grim reaper. What happens if she'll meet her new weird owner??

King of Skies
22.05.2022 | 3 chapters

In a world of birds. The Strongest will be known as the King. A young Weka named Ikaru tries to thrive for survival.