Agou and His Curse
17.05.2020 | 5 chapters

Narcissistic Seiiji Agou believed that no other beauty could move his heart until he accidentally ran into the gentle and charming Narumi Maimoto. Maimoto hinted that they would meet again, but bef...

You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me!
27.06.2020 | 31 chapters

"If all the world’s a stage, then are all the men and women really merely players? For Sakuya, it all started out as an innocent game: “Why don’t you pretend to be a girl and approach my brother?” ...

Yuri Wall
10.12.2021 | 8 chapters

“As an outsider, I want to silently protect and watch over the love between women…,” said a Yuri fanatic that got hit by a car and reincarnated as a wall in a certain apartment! And for some reason...

A Tale of Two Meteors
12.12.2020 | 4 chapters

It was the most glittering moment of little Yuuta's life when the handsome "Star Prince," Haruto, comforted him who got afraid of stars. Now an Astrophotographer, Yuuta returned to his hometown's...

Masuda's Got A Hold on Shibata
24.04.2021 | 4 chapters

A rom-com story between a hopeless guy (plus his ghost dog) and his dorky crush that will warm your heart! Shibata has this awkward crush with his cute and airheaded co-worker, Machida. One day, a ...

Girl's Cocoon
23.10.2020 | 3 chapters

A trilogy of beautiful, dangerous, and cruel truth between adolescent girls...

The Man I Wish to Forget
11.06.2021 | 5 chapters

A spin-off from Maria Lives Upstairs series! Satoshi Maruya, the cousin of Ikuto, was being surprised by the sudden return of the man he had shared one intimate night with, Watabe. Satoshi just wa...

Monday Maria
01.01.2021 | 6 chapters

I haven't given up on Maria at all! An ordinary salaryman, Ikuto "Maria" Maruya, has been sharing a house with a naive and energetic Hikaru, a student who is head over heels for him. Maruya could n...

Maria Lives Upstairs
12.12.2020 | 6 chapters

I love you, Maria After suddenly being confessed by a naive high-schooler, Hikaru, Ikuto "Maria" Maruya could not stop thinking about that awkward but unexpectedly strong boy. He doesn't want... to...

31.05.2022 | 8 chapters

The way to avoid bad fate is to be with someone who has the opposite fortune as you. ...... One day, a university student Fukumoto is predicted by a fortune teller that he will have very bad luc...

28.12.2022 | 5 chapters

Rumspringa...... a period when some Amish youth experience greater freedom to decide whether to remain in their community as devout Christians or abandon their families and live in the outside worl...