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School Days
05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Just what ifs of a life as a student.

Me And My Girl Best Friend
08.04.2021 | 1 chapter

The story of Kabakura Randolph spending his time with her girl best friend, Nakamura May in their high school life until they noticed that their every day high school life will be ending next week.

04.05.2021 | 13 chapters

MAINLAND is a captivating tale and also an entertaining adventure with a magical touch of Occult. Where the story will start with Hamilton Diver, a boyish girl who has a mysterious mark which sudde...

I got a chance in another world
05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Tsukasa a 19 year old, a soldier of EUC (Earth United Corps), who is living in despair for years in a apocalyptic Earth in the year 2080, was in a patrol routine, while deep in the red-zone salvagi...

Promises and Lies
29.05.2021 | 11 chapters

Haru is a third year high school student. He was considered as a prodigy by his school. He was a loner and an anti-social person. He only got only a one friend and that is Hanabira Sakura, also a t...

For Myself
20.09.2021 | 1 chapter

"I've always wondered. How do people achieve their dreams? How do successful people achieve theirs? Why are we given talents? What are those talents for? Are they signs that one should follow those...

4 of Us
18.09.2021 | 2 chapters