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Yomekare! The Comforts of Having A Wifely Boyfriend
12.10.2020 | 5 chapters

"Becoming the target of an overly doting man with an ""ideal bride"" level of housework skills?! The always overworking Azusa's lover is Shinda-kun, whose housework and loving care are top level. ...

Sweet Lies Layered Like a Mille Feuille
12.10.2020 | 5 chapters

Akane Kinuta, an office lady who lies about getting married to keep her job station and otaku hobbies safe. She gets caught by her hot, perfect gentleman boss Kuroki Tsuneyasu… who orders her to do...

My Lady Is Living With A Rogue!
12.10.2020 | 4 chapters

“A princess’s orders are absolute… right?” Childhood friends of different rank living together!! Kidnapped by my childhood friend!? Sengoku misalliance LOVE♪ The time is the Sengoku era! A big na...

Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant
23.10.2020 | 5 chapters

After a fateful encounter in the station platform, Botan, an innocent high school lady falls in love with Koganei, the handsome station attendant who helped her. Koganei was a man adored by everyon...

Sweet Seduction: Under the Same Roof with The Guy I Hate
23.10.2020 | 15 chapters

It is supposed to be the peak of Urara Namita's life. But she is losing her house, savings, and boyfriend instead! In such despair situation, her rival in the workplace, Musashi Fudou suddenly came...

Pen Love
25.11.2020 | 5 chapters

Together with Ken, her childhood friend, Yukari starts a manga duo, "Abiko and Fujimoto"! Since they were in junior high school, two of them have always been creating doujinshi that never really se...

Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Stars
25.11.2020 | 5 chapters

When we were a child, the word "forever" seems so sparkly and lovely. The six of us thought we would be together forever. But the Subaru's accident broke us apart. One day, "she" appeared in front ...

Mahou Shoujo Ore
23.10.2020 | 12 chapters

(I'll never give up, no matter how cruel my fate is). "I want to protect the person I love..." With that one wish, a girl's life changes completely. Witness the miracle that brings to life her pure...

Natalie and Mysterious Takumi
31.12.2020 | 5 chapters

A pure love comedy between a French Otaku Girl and a mysterious Ikemen! When she was still in France, Natalie went through a heartbreak that made her wanted to end her life. Surprisingly, the ray o...