Cold Call
26.09.2021 | 1 chapter

A man named Elli Sui desperately wanted to save the girl from the death named Meo, who died 10 years ago from unknown crime. (This Manga is a One-shot only)

H5: Circulator
01.10.2021 | 1 chapter

Hissei Hirokoshi was a normal HS student til his powers got discovered and joined the supernatural club, on the way from a meeting he sees a passed out girl and helps her...and just like that his n...

A Choice of Two Paths
14.11.2021 | 8 chapters

'Your right finger or your left finger. Answer.' You wake suddenly in a world you have no memories of. Surrounded by strange creatures, you are faced with two choices. Nowhere is safe. You have no ...

09.09.2021 | 2 chapters

When his Seraphim mother was murdered by his Incubus father on his 11th birthday, Seth awakened his dark and light powers. The Hybrid must learn how to wield his abilities and seek revenge on the ...

12.09.2021 | 1 chapter

This story is about a young man named Drake Jones who is a High School student and an aspiring detective. One day, Drake's friends came to his house and talked about going on a vacation, an island ...

The Only Cure for Fools is Death
30.05.2022 | 6 chapters

"Only fools commit suicide," is what he thought. But, to helplessly lose his loved ones right in front of his eyes…

Escape Room
31.05.2022 | 1 chapter

A notorious delinquent goes missing, leaving behind nothing but a few possessions in class. Satoru, a star student of his year, takes it upon himself to return the belongings to his family, only to...

Changed Into A High School Girl
02.08.2022 | 4 chapters

I'm a middle-aged man on the inside, but I look like a high school girl on the outside!? I swear I'll take my own body back!

Squirming in the Darkness
24.07.2021 | 5 chapters

Serial murders start happening in Tozama City, a suburb of Tokyo where a fifth grader named Shinta lives. The killings are so horrible, it’s almost like the killer himself isn’t human. The keyword ...

Jack and the Wicked
24.07.2021 | 6 chapters

Servants of Hell such as wizards, witches and warlocks exist much closer to you than you may realize. Normally, they don’t shroud themselves in black, but rather live normal human lives while they ...

Brainwashing & Revenge
09.12.2021 | 6 chapters

Four evil people I hate so much I want to kill them have been gathered together here... Only one among them will be killed... What crimes have these four committed?

22.12.2021 | 47 chapters

Dead bodies taken apart was just the beginning of a terrifying, thrilling adventure to take you to the world of Zanmu. Yuta Kayashima, the author of Journey To The West Girls taps in to a new phase...

Peeping -I Find That Girl's Secret-
02.08.2022 | 3 chapters

"Can you sell it to me for 10,000 dollars?" A secret that should have stayed hidden was lying in the illegally taken nude video…

A Glimpse Of Crimes
02.04.2022 | 2 chapters

The story focuses on two sisters Melissa and Alice Crimson who have a gift of seeing and witnessing crimes in an instant. Will they face this kind of job? Will they sacrifice everything they've got...

RabFox Tale
11.04.2022 | 1 chapter

Some rabbits have gone missing, will Rui, the last hare among the rabbits, be able to save them from the foxes and protect your village?