Girl's Cocoon
23.10.2020 | 3 chapters

A trilogy of beautiful, dangerous, and cruel truth between adolescent girls...

Girls in Bloom
31.12.2020 | 9 chapters

"I don't need friends here." Akira, a girl from Tokyo, is thrust into the countryside for three months due to her father's work. Although she insists on not making any friends during her short ...

Tako -chan and Kawa-chan's Adventures in Parenthood
06.10.2021 | 1 chapter

Tako-chan and Kawa-chan find themselves in a new Adventure after Tako decides to go against her father's wishes by staying with Kawa. What does being parents mean for their relationship, careers an...

29.05.2021 | 6 chapters

5 girls from a Kpop band living in the same house. girlxgirl, yuri, comedy, slice of life, manwha, romance, WLW, GL

Me (a Guy)... Lesbian!?
03.04.2021 | 8 chapters

I was suddenly turned into a girl and the only way to turn back is to enter in a "love relationship" with another girl!?

Yuri Wall
10.12.2021 | 8 chapters

“As an outsider, I want to silently protect and watch over the love between women…,” said a Yuri fanatic that got hit by a car and reincarnated as a wall in a certain apartment! And for some reason...

The Siren's Light (GL)
01.09.2021 | 1 chapter

I was sinking, the darkness was slowly surrounding me. The depth of the sea was pulling me lower and lower from the surface until I could no longer see the moonlight that glowed from above. But,...

Lily Marble
22.12.2021 | 30 chapters

Isn't it everyone's dream to enjoy the fun and comical relationship between these healthy, bright and independent girls? "Fitness Club LILY" is a nest for fit and beautiful women. They have th...

Queen of the Idealiree
01.03.2022 | 6 chapters

Young girls, made to eat nothing but flowers, a barbed wire fence stretched round about them… Is this a girls' flower garden…? Or a nightmarish prison…?