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Detective Odd
05.05.2021 | 3 chapters

In the dark world of crimes where most of police are men, a stunning beauty, white hair, fair skin with two unusual yet captivating pair of eyes emerged - A detective, on top of that, a woman! Dete...

Paradox Mansion ~the truth of you will make you happy~
11.03.2021 | 10 chapters

"The truth of you will make you happy." Iruka Naru will unlock the secret pages of the Paradox Mansion residence by the freedom kiss! Trapped inside with 28 people all men cursed as an animal plush...

Child's Musing
23.03.2021 | 3 chapters

Ada, Ata and Aga, triplets going on a vacation for the first time to their familial home town, are met with life realizations and circumstances they couldn't have possibly imagined after following ...

The Abandoned
05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

Shiki who lives alone in a cave has been driven out by 3 hoodlums. He wandered along with his allies to find a safe place to call home only to discover the trail of an abandoned world.

The Cyber Age (Volume 1)
05.04.2021 | 2 chapters

In the Information Age, when some mysterious individuals appear in the shadows but conceal their true colors in the light, when almost anything is possible, when humanity fears the possiblity that ...

Soul's Harmony!
02.05.2021 | 3 chapters

The world was once connected in harmony with the great ones! Until it went out of control and gone unbalanced.. A 20 years old boy named " Drake " wants to bring back the balance in this acc...

04.05.2021 | 13 chapters

MAINLAND is a captivating tale and also an entertaining adventure with a magical touch of Occult. Where the story will start with Hamilton Diver, a boyish girl who has a mysterious mark which sudde...

10 Years since then
05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

A 15 year old girl waking up in a ruined school building inside a classroom, wondering why everyone disappeared... She needs to find the answers by surviving on a world where humans are nearly exti...

The Nephilim
04.05.2021 | 2 chapters

Faye is a seventeen year old girl who transferred on Cesterfield high and she thought that everything is normal, what she didn't know that 70 percent of the students are supernatural beings, secret...

05.05.2021 | 1 chapter

After an infernal cataclysm occurrence that took hundreds of lives. Only one survived this incident. Mekazumi, being the last one alive of his family. He found himself in a big financial trouble. I...

Macabre's Contract
03.08.2021 | 2 chapters

They wanted to talk. They wanted a deal. They wanted a peaceful conversation. But ended up being slops and scraps. They were treated as traitors, treated as criminals, but something impossible had ...

10.08.2021 | 1 chapter

The Bride of the Forest
04.09.2021 | 2 chapters

Because of Agatha's situation, her mother was forced to send her home to their province to live temporarily there with her Aunt and her family. But in her slow recovery, she discovered an urban leg...

12.09.2021 | 1 chapter

This story is about a young man named Drake Jones who is a High School student and an aspiring detective. One day, Drake's friends came to his house and talked about going on a vacation, an island ...

Keith and Jeremy's Mystical Mysteries
19.09.2021 | 1 chapter

Keith Davis and Jeremy Dubois are two talented, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boy detectives, determined to make a name for themselves. They'll take on any case. Even the supernatural ones.