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04.02.2019 | 4 chapters

A mysterious new student appears after the regular seat rotation?! Could this be one of those heartwarming romances? Nope, it's a surreal comedy (by Duralumin)

Umiushigoto - Pretty Workers in The Sea
21.10.2020 | 12 chapters

“Sea Sluggers”, the cleaners of the sea. This is a heartfelt comedy about Ao (Blue Sea Slug), a newbie Sea Slugger who, despite Shirousa-senpai’s half-baked guidance, aims to protect the sea’s h...

Mahou Shoujo Ore
23.10.2020 | 12 chapters

(I'll never give up, no matter how cruel my fate is). "I want to protect the person I love..." With that one wish, a girl's life changes completely. Witness the miracle that brings to life her pure...

Pen Love
25.11.2020 | 5 chapters

Together with Ken, her childhood friend, Yukari starts a manga duo, "Abiko and Fujimoto"! Since they were in junior high school, two of them have always been creating doujinshi that never really se...

Who Wants to Play?
25.11.2020 | 20 chapters

Japan's favorite child celebrity, Ena Fujie is busy with her entertainment gig! Except for Tashiro, Ena's clumsy manager, the adults around her have not realized that behind her cute and captivatin...

Makabe-sensei's Perfect Plan
31.12.2020 | 4 chapters

The high school teacher Kanichi Makabe is what you might call a "perfectionist". He does not compromise anything that might hinder his perfect routine! From fighting over seats in the train to prot...